Live And Love Life

Live And Love Life

Have you been wondering who you are and what is life all about etc? Well, you are not the only one who has these questions. Such questions are inherent to the human soul, for now you are ready to begin your journey into self-realization. Such questions have bothered men from times immemorial. The concept of God and our relationship with him becomes our life's goal and we begin our spiritual journey.

It is true that we are not just physical bodies, but are souls who have inhabited this physical form. The fact that we have feelings that are not physical as well as the fact that the mind is a faculty inhabiting the brain is not physical, gives us the understanding that, the concept of we being souls and not physical beings may be real.

We are endowed with our senses and sense organs. We use these senses to perceive the physical reality of the world and environment around us. Whatever is perceived and felt by the sense organs is cognized and interpreted by the mind. Therefore, you will find that it is the mind that is behind all of our physical activities. The next question that you will naturally ask is about the mind. Well philosophers have written a lot about the mind and mind function. Mind is but the faculty that is guided by higher mind which is known as intellect. It is the intellect that directs and discriminates the information and the thinking of the mind.

Our mind is like a monkey. By nature mind is restless because it is always engaged in the outer world which is every changing. Therefore it is important for man to learn to control the mind rather than be under the control of the mind. If this concept is understood, then the individual will learn to think and act in the right manner without having to yield to the monkey mind which can lead him astray.

Many times, we are faced with adversities in life. Health problems are but a part and parcel of every human being. No one can have a healthy body all through the life. Sometimes, people do suffer from terrible health conditions right from childhood. There are many cases like Asthma and other respiratory diseases that can attack the individual early in life. These cannot be cured but need to be managed. Mind control and the right attitude helps one battle such problems in life. One needs to have a twin pronged strategy to battle asthma. On one hand it is essential and important to follow the treatment as prescribed by the doctor and take medicines like Albuterol in time to avoid suffering. If you are faced with an onset of Asthma, there is no point in thinking of mind control, but you have got to carry Albuterol and your nebulizer or inhaler with you at all times and self administer the same based on doctor's guidance. Albuterol can help ease your chest congestion, relax the chest muscles and help ease your breathing within minutes after inhalation. However, apart from having to take Albuterol, it helps to pursue Yoga and breathing techniques or alternative therapies that can help you build your inner resistance of the body as well as the mind. When the mind is strong, the body immunity gets strengthened and then along with Albuterol, your mind helps you take Asthma in your stride and live life fully.