Albuterol and Treatment of Asthma

Albuterol and treatment of asthma

Albuterol is very efficient bronchodilator for all the persons who are suffering from asthma problem. Family doctor knows well about all of your problems as compare to the any other doctor. If you use this bronchodilator in any serious condition without the prescription of doctor then same medicine may become problem for your health. In this article I shall tell you about use of Albuterol in detail and its side effects. If you are a user of Albuterol then it is your responsibility to know about it. There are many things to discuss about Albuterol. First of all we shall discuss about the cause of asthma and bronchospasm. World’s population is increasing very rapidly. With this increase in population, number of vehicles is also increasing day by day. In many countries, there is no strict rule for those who use such vehicles which emit toxic gases. This thing is increasing the bronchospasm and asthma problems in people.

During breathing, these toxic gases become a part of our body and toxic solid components start to deposit on the internal side of air vessels. Their deposition in the vessel decreases the flow of air in to the lungs. As a result, less amount of oxygen reach in to lungs and it supply less oxygen to cells. Albuterol is the best and efficient solution to increase the elasticity of lung muscles. When these muscles will contract and expand easily then air flow will not disturb. This bronchodilator has the ability to do this thing. There are many bronchodilators in market which you can use but most of the professional doctors recommend using it. You can purchase it from any chemist shop in market. You have another option to buy it. It is also sold in online shops where you can place your order to buy it. This is about the availability of Albuterol.

Like other medicines, it has also some side effects. These side effects remain up to the treatment of asthma or bronchospasm. When you will stop taking it, its side effects will automatically vanish. It is not necessary that every user of Albuterol get these side effects. The person becomes the victim of these side effects due to his own negligence. It is strongly suggested that always use it according to your doctor’s prescription. Using it without doctor’s prescription can cause many other problems. Following are the side effects of Albuterol.

  • Pounding and uneven heart beats
  • Chest tightness and chest pain
  • Nervousness and tremor
  • High blood pressure with headache, buzzing in ears, blurred vision and shortness of breath
  • Muscles pain and diarrhea
  • Dry throat and mouth
  • Insomnia

These all common problems are due to the use of Albuterol. Chances of getting these side effects are 10%. Do not worry if you get any of the mentioned side effects. Take an immediate help from your doctor. He will treat you immediately and give some medicines for the treatment of respective side effect. It is good to know that Albuterol is available everywhere so any asthma patient can use it without any tension.

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