Albuterol Inhalation

One of the key aspects that should never be ignored in case of Asthma treatment is to follow the advice of the doctor and take medication like Albuterol regularly as per prescription. Alternate therapies are not substitutes for medication like Albuterol. In fact in case of an Asthma attack, Albuterol should be inhaled immediately so that the muscles involved in the respiratory passage are relaxed and the airflow is restored within minutes. Albuterol should always be carried along with the inhaler or nebulizor at all times. Along with Albuterol, it is also necessary to take the long term control medicines as prescribed by the doctor. You can buy Albuterol Inhallers online from genuine drugstore store at a cheaper price.

Brand names of Albuterol

Generic Name: Albuterol

Brand Names: Accuneb, ProAir, Proventil, Ventolin

Brand names of Albuterol

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As the saying goes ‘Mind Over Matter’, it is essential for every individual to know that he is not the body but the soul. Once the individual is able to understand this concept and begins to understand more about mind, how it works and how to control, he begins to gain control over himself.

Ill health and diseases affect every individual. Nobody can escape suffering especially in cases of chronic illness and diseases like Asthma and respiratory diseases that cripple one’s body and life. In such cases, learning to control the mind and rising above the body consciousness helps one face the problems and learn to manage them. Asthma is a disease that cannot be cured but managed. Genetic and environmental factors are said to be responsible for the Asthma attacks. People suffering from Asthma for a long period find themselves leading a sedentary and non-active life. However, by controlling the mind, adopting a holistic attitude towards maintaining good nutrition as well as with the help of alternative therapies involving physical exercises to strengthen the body as well as respiratory and breathing exercises it is possible to contain and reduce the severity of Asthma attacks as well as to lead a better quality of life. The right attitude towards body and suffering helps.

Supplementary treatments and practice of meditation etc will help in calming the mind, in gaining understanding of self, increase the tolerance to withstand the suffering and ultimately rise above the body consciousness and be anchored in a state of equanimity and bliss.

Questions Regarding The Use Of Albuterol Inhaler

Albuterol is a treatment, which acts as a bronchodilator. This is responsible for the opening up the tighten airway passage through the relaxation of the muscle surrounding the airways. This form of treatment is used frequently for asthmatic patients. Too many questions have been asked without any answer and we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with some of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of this inhaler or medication.

What is the timeframe for a child to use this inhaler?

Generally, a child may require this inhaler as long as the breathless trigger lasts. Ailments, which run their course such as bad colds takes approximately a week. Perhaps your child is exposed frequently to activity that causes wheezing such as animal dander or cigarette smoke; it might seem that the use of this inhaler will be necessary.

How often should I use this medication?

Generally, a dose from the inhaler, which is two puffs or a breathing treatment, might be taken once every four to six hours. This medication is safer to use when needed when compared to other types of medicines. Nevertheless, if your child requires it regularly and doesn’t get better, it is better to seek a doctor for other medications. Remember the use of this inhaler helps the primary cause of a cough, which is to tighten the airways. Apart from this, this medication does not help people with other types of coughs such as coughing because of nasal drainage.

What are the side effects of this inhaler?

For some kids, there aren’t any side effects; however, some popular sides effects are jittering, flushing, and rapid heartbeat. The jittering for some kids gets hyperactive, while for others the side effects simply wear off. If the side effects are experienced by your kids and without any improvement, ensure you visit your doctor or health provider immediately.

Does this inhaler mean my kid has asthma?

For a child to wheeze doesn’t mean they have asthma. Most toddlers and infants do wheeze because of bad colds. However, for children with asthma, the wheezing may starts from an infant stage and improves as they grow. From time to time, they may have flare-ups.

What about liquid inhaler?

Liquid albuterol comes in liquid form. This can be consumed through the mouth and most doctors make use of it for babies with wheezing. According to studies, it doesn’t give much relief when compared to the inhalation process. This has necessitated most pediatricians not to use it. Apart from this, the side effects tends to be more than

What about Xopenex?

Xopenex is the trademark name for a kind of this inhaler with a concentration higher than the natural albuterol. According to some studies, the side effects from this medicine are not as bothersome as the regular ones. This has contributed to it being ten times expensive than the regulars. The inhaler has been proven to be effective in kids that use it properly.

Symptoms of Asthma Attack

An asthma attack is usually triggered as a result of some common trigger points resulting in sensitivity of the respiratory pipe, with symptoms being:

  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing early morning or in the night
  • The feeling of tightened chest
Symptoms of Asthma Attack

And if the symptoms of asthma become frequent or severe, an asthma attack is triggered. These attacks can be very dangerous and if one is not able to breathe while talking or walking or faces some emergency, immediate help needs to be called.

What are the causes for Asthma Attacks?

An asthma attack usually occurs as a result of the airway used for breathing, getting inflamed or irritated which makes it a bit hard for the patient to breathe enough air into the lungs and then exhaling it out.

This can be explained with the help of a term called as asthma exacerbation in which the lining or the inside of the lungs and the subsequent airways tend to get extremely reactive resulting in constriction of the airways, along with swelling and inflammation. Till date, the exact cause of asthma is unknown. But most doctors feel that asthma is cause as a result of the combination of environmental factors and some form of genetics.

Asthma attacks are often caused as a result of some form of trigger which might be anything from the environment which might cause some irritation in the airway. And these triggers differ from people to people. Some of the most commonly known trigger points in case of asthma attack include:

  • Smoke which might arouse out of cigarettes, tobacco, incense sticks, wood or charcoal
  • Ozone gas
  • Nitrogen dioxide released from stoves and gas heaters
  • Dust mites
  • Mold or mildew
  • Cockroaches
  • Pet dander or loose skin of humans
  • Strong emotions
  • Hearty exercise
  • Stress
  • Industrial and vehicle emissions

How to react in case of asthma attacks

As they say, prevention is better than cure, the following steps need to be followed when it comes to asthma attacks:

  • Elimination of the asthma triggers: It is always better to keep the asthma triggers in check. One needs to avoid everything what causes asthma attacks by ensuring a strict diet and a better lifestyle.
  • Regular intake of Asthma medicines: Asthma medicines tend to avoid an attack in those cases where a trigger needs to be avoided.
  • Take treatment for asthma symptoms early: treatment forasthma symptoms need to be taken early. If you feel an increase in the symptoms, you need to get yourself treated with the prescribed medicines such as thealbuterol inhaler. And the better art about this is, it immediately gets the symptoms in check.
  • Get some additional help if needed: If the asthma symptoms detriment or if they worsen, you need to immediately call for some external help or maybe take the help of a doctor. If you can, you need to rush to your nearest hospital or clinic. For not taking proper treatment during attacks might result in death. Hence it is better to keep things under check with external help, rather than self-medication.

Albuterol is very efficient bronchodilator for all the persons who are suffering from asthma problem. Family doctor knows well about all of your problems as compare to the any other doctor. If you use this bronchodilator in any serious condition without the prescription of doctor then same medicine may become problem for your health. In this article I shall tell you about use of Albuterol in detail and its side effects. If you are a user of Albuterol then it is your responsibility to know about it. There are many things to discuss about Albuterol. First of all we shall discuss about the cause of asthma and bronchospasm. World's population is increasing very rapidly. With this increase in population, number of vehicles is also increasing day by day. In many countries, there is no strict rule for those who use such vehicles which emit toxic gases. This thing is increasing the bronchospasm and asthma problems in people.

When it comes to quitting smoking, the universal law that applies is that it is better to take help then to do everything on your own. Most of the people ignore this thing and begin their own quest of quitting smoking from which, believe it or not, they return devastated. One has to understand the fact that all the rehab centers available in the markets are there for a reason and if quitting smoking was such easy a task then everybody could have done it on his own.

Sharing asthma inhalers can lead to serious consequences

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which is usually triggered as a result of stimulants like pet dander, human skin, molds, fungi, pollen, cold air and many more things. In case of asthma, the patients breathing pipe, which leads to the lungs, gets inflamed as soon as it comes into contact with the stimulants. This tends to cause a trigger, which might lead to wheezing, fatigue, a lot of coughing, some form of tightness in the chest at night or early mornings and difficulty in breathing. If one suffers from asthma attack, and if it is a severe one, they are advised to take an asthma inhaler spray in order to get their trigger under control. This inhaler is a prescription drug which ideally should not be taken by anyone until and unless suggested to do so.

Albuterol Inhalers Online

What we are trying to discuss here is a case of two girls who were studying in their schools and they, as per what we are taught right from school about mannerisms and friendships, indulged in a simple act of sharing. However, in the case which we are trying to discuss, the simple act of sharing left a girl with some serious consequences with respect to her health. And all this happened thanks to the sharing of a simple device called as asthmatic inhaler.

Alyssa McKinney &Breana Crites were two eight graders studying at Lewis Palmer Middle School. While both were attending their gym classes one day, crites suddenly suffered from shortness of breath which looked quite similar to what happens in case of asthma. Mckinney, being an asthmatic, always used to carry her asthma inhaler in her bag. Looking at the discomfort her friend was going through, Mckinney asked her to take a puff from her asthma inhaler, as her symptoms looked very similar to an asthma attack.

The irony of the situation was such, that this simple act of helping turned out to be dreadful for the two girls! Breana Crites as she was suffering from shortness of breath didn't actually suffer from an asthma attack. In fact, she did not have asthma altogether. However due to the puff of the inhaler taken by her, an allergy got triggered, which led her to be taken to the school nurse and then later to the principal. According to rules, sharing of pumps is absolutely prohibited and Mckinney and Crites had broken the law. These led to both of them facing severe consequences, to the extent of both facing a suspension for 10 days along with a further probability of being expelled from the school.

As a result of this harsh punishment being dished out, people have been debating about it. However those supporting the ban, argue this that the inhaler is a prescription drug and should never ever be taken until and unless told so by doctor. Besides, sharing of prescription medicines is against the policy of the school. It should also be looked at from the point of view of drug abuse. Sharing of the prescription medicine does qualify as an act of drug abuse. Thus there is an ongoing debate of who is right and who is wrong. In fact, crites parents have been vocal and supportive regarding Mckinney's actions. Should the policies of school change in case of emergency? This issue is still being thought of!

You Can Share And Make Their Life Better

Asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases are becoming a global challenge. Scientists and medical community have successfully combated the global threats from epidemics such as Cholera, Malaria and Plague etc. They are slowly gaining control over AIDS and related ailments. However, with the increasing pollution and environmental damage, the rise in Asthma across the globe is quite alarming. Even in developed nation like USA, statistics reflect that over 9% of the children are asthmatic.

Asthma Inhalers

If you have been suffering from Asthma, you know the suffering that the patients go through. It is quite possible that the Asthmatic patients are not able to aspire for a better quality of life in terms of pursuing any and every field that interests them for they are of delicate health and cannot withstand too much of physical exertion. Having known the suffering and all about how to manage the condition, you are in a better position to be able to help others. Why not join up with a voluntary agency and spread awareness regarding Asthma management to the society?

Research reflects that the incidence of Asthma is higher amongst the youth and the lack of awareness as well as focus or importance could be the major contributors to the poor attitude towards Asthma management amongst the younger generation. Therefore there is a need for us to educate and increase the awareness amongst the interest groups as well as the identified affected group. It is only by educating the community that we can work effectively towards preventing Asthma aggravation. Asthma attacks are contributing to loss of productivity at work and attendance at college by the patients. Therefore, by joining hands to work towards helping others, we can save people's careers and give the students a chance for better focus on their education.

Sadly, Asthma is one condition that cannot be cured and needs to be managed or controlled. The key aspects of managing the condition calls for regular medication as prescribed by the medical doctors and working on prevention. On the treatment front, it is important to emphasize the need for the patients to carry the short term and fast action drugs as well as long term impact drugs with them at all times and ensure they stick to the regimen specified by their doctor. Drugs especially the fast action drugs like Albuterol play a very key role in helping the patients pre-empt the onset of attack and find quick relief. Albuterol is said to act very fast and almost immediately upon inhalation. Within minutes of inhalation, Albuterol decongests the air passage by relaxing the tensed muscles and frees the air passage for normal breathing. Therefore the importance of carrying Albuterol with the inhaler is of utmost importance for all the Asthmatic patients. It is practical to keep the required dosage along with one set of inhaler at home and carry one set on the person. The long term drugs are also necessary as per the physician's guidance.

Apart from the treatment for control, it is important to build awareness and work towards prevention of Asthma attacks. Educating people about the allergens and irritants that cause the Asthma attacks, the audit of home environment and assessment of the risk as well as working on action plan to improve the home environment and remove the triggers etc can help Asthma patients immensely. It would be a good and worthwhile profession to become a social worker specializing in Asthma Prevention and Control program.